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Power by design.

Building innovative power solutions today, that your future needs.


Where quality engineering, local expertise and innovation meet.

We have a passion for people, and our mission is to be the leading provider of electrical distribution in Otago.

About us

We focus on simplifying processes for our customers and communities.

We exist to make our client’s lives less stressful with a better understanding of distribution requirements.


We deliver experience and expertise in the following areas:


Street Lighting.

Network Power.

High Voltage Specialists.


Are you or your client planning a subdivision? See how our team of experts can help you with the installation of electrical network solutions. Our specialist engineers can help you with your project, from conception to design and installation and more.


Design Concepts

HV & LV Installation

Project Management


Street Lighting.

We cover both the Aurora and private works associated with street lighting installations.


Supply and Installation


Approved council requirements



Network Power.

Whether you are increasing or decreasing capacity or need a new connection Power Solutions can engineer your required solution.


New network connections

Electrical capacity requirements

Relocation or removal of Aurora assets

High Voltage Specialists.

Power Solutions has a team of technical experts and equipment to deliver outstanding services in the electrical distribution industry.


3D Visual Concepts

High Voltage Testing

Network Design


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Our friendly team are here to help with any queries you may have from pricing to process. Alternatively, check out our helpful resources for frequently asked questions.

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We are proud to be an approved contractor on the Aurora Network.
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